Flutter development

Learn to develop cross-platform applications with Flutter.

  • Improve your Flutter Navigation with Routes

    In all applications we need to navigate from one screen to another to be able to access their contents. This can be done in two different ways in Flutter: by creating an instance of the PageRoute widget and then passing...
  • Learn how to build in Flutter: Widgets

    In a previous article, in which I introduce Flutter, I discussed the importance of widgets in Flutter. Let's see how it is built in Flutter. What is a widget? We can think of widgets as reusable code blocks that describe the appearance...
  • Do you want to learn to program with Flutter? Get ready!

    In mobile application development, along with native development platforms (iOS and Android), there are others, called hybrids, that allow developing applications for multiple platforms while maintaining a common code base: PhoneGap, Ionic, React Native, Xamarin and from recently, Flutter. Do...
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