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Git and workflow with GitFlow

When developing software we find ourselves with the need to manage the changes that are being made in the code and that, when working as a team, all team members always have a copy of this code in which they…

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Deploy the Moor database on Flutter!

There are different databases to incorporate into a Flutter application, each with its advantages and disadvantages. In this article, along with a short introduction, we are going to specifically look at a database to work with in Flutter: Moor. So…

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Dependency injection in Swift

If you are like me, when developing an application you are always looking (although sometimes it is difficult) to use a series of ‘rules’ that help you to make the code cleaner, be as uncoupled as possible, be scalable ……

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Edubook iOS

iOS application (Swift, Realm…) to read the textbooks of Editorial Vicens Vives.


iOS application (Objective-C, Core Data) to learn and practice Mathematics from 6 to 12 years.

Edubook Desktop

Desktop applications (Electron, ReactJS, NodeJS…) to read the textbooks of Editorial Vicens Vives.

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